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Bacon Egg Roll


Ingredients                                                          %                     kg.g
Bread Flour                                                        100                   1000
Sugar                                                                   18                     180
Angel Sugar-tolerance Instant Dry Yeast     1.2                     12
Milk Powder                                                        4                       40
Angel A800 Bread Improver                           0.3                      3
Salt                                                                     1.2                      12
Egg                                                                     10                     100
Milk                                                                     20                      200
Water                                                                 20                     200
Bakerdream Margarine                                 10                      100
Bacon                                                                     Right amount

- Dough making:stir the dough till the gluten 70% developed, and then add margarine, stir the mixture till the wheat gluten is fully developed.
- Dough temperature: 26-28℃
- Dividing the dough: 90g per portion, rest for 10 minutes
- Mould the dough: roll the dough and put the bacon slices onside, rolled up and put into a trough type mold.
- After fermenting is finished, brush whole egg liquid on the surface, make cuts with  a knife in the middle, and then bake the breand when the bread is baked by 50%, pour the stirred egg yolk liquid in the cuts and continue to bake till the bread is completely ripen.
- Baking temperature: 190℃/195℃
- Baking time: 16 minutes