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Haman Toxiu Stollen


Ingredients                                                          %                             kg.g
Bread Flour                                                         100                         1000
BerrySugar                                                          25                            250
Angel Sugar-tolerance Instant Dry Yeast     1.2                            12
Egg                                                                      10                           100
Milk Powder                                                        6                             60
Cheese Powder                                                4                              40
Salt                                                                     1.2                           12
Angel A500 Bread Improver                          0.3                             3
Milk                                                                     40                            400
Bakerdream Margarine                                  15                            150

Bakerdream Instant Cheese Powder         50                            50
Milk                                                                   100                          1000

- Dough making: stir the materials till the gluten is 70% developed, add margarine, and then stir the mixture till the wheat gluten is fully developed.
- Divide the dough: 90g per portion,rest for 15 minutes
- Shape the dough: roll the dough and make the dough into inverted triangle and lay it on the dish
- When the fermenting is finished, and bake the bread sweep egg water on the surface.
- Baking temperature: 180℃/190℃
- Baking time: 12minutes
- After it is cooled, decorate the bread with Bakedream instant cheese jam, lay candied jujube, preserved fruit and strawberry, and then sift dampproof sugar powder on the surface. Unique appearance, accompanied by delicious fruit, it fires people's imagination.