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Cream Walnut Roll

Cream Walnut Roll

The continental bread with distinctive flavor accompanied by the health care and health-preserving nut is stuffed with fragrant and sweet cheese stuffing, it is absolutely a creation among the continental bread.

Ingredients                                                 %                        kg.g

Bread Flour                                                 80                       1600
Bakerdream multi-grain bread mix        20                        400
Angel instant dry Yeast                            1                           20
LD300  Bread Improver                           0.5                       10
Backaldrin BAS-W                                     2.5                       50
Salt                                                              1.8                        36
Water                                                           60                        1200
Grated Walnut (Baked )                           10                         200
Total                                                            176.3                    3526


- Mixing time: at low speed for 5 minutes,at high speed for 6-8 minutes
- Dough temperature: 26-28℃
- Proffing period in the middle: 30-40minutes
- Weight of divided dough: 120g per portion
- Roll the dough into cudgel shape, after fermentation is finished, evenly make three cuts with a knife on the surface of the dough, and then bake it.
- Baking temperature: 230-210℃, letting in the  steam
- Baking time: 25minutes
- When the bread is cool, cut it evenly into slices, but not cut off, and brush cheese cream between the slices, and then sift some dampproof sugar powder on the surface of the bread.