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Enzymes preparation, a ecological and efficient catalyst widely used in light industry, food, chemical, pharmacy, agriculture, energy industries and environment protection as an important achievements of modern biological engineering. Enzyme preparation plays an important role to develop new products, improve quality, save energy and reduce consumption, and protect environment with the characteristics in efficiency, safety, ecological safety and environmental protection.

Based on technical state of art in fermentation industry, through its own high-end R&D, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd developed several of enzymes serve in:

Enzymes for food processing
- Enzymes for yeast processing
- Enzymes for animal protein processing
- Enzymes for soybean protein processing

Enzymes for baking
- Xylanase XYL102
- Glucose Oxidase GO101
- Lipase

Enzymes for brewing & starch industry
- Gluco-amylase GA-150
- Gluco-amylase GA-260
- Compound enzyme DFT-03
- Compound enzyme DFT-04
- Thermo-stable alpha-amylase AHA-100T
- Thermo-stable alpha-amylase AHA-100D
- Thermo-stable acid alpha-amylase AHA-400
- Acid protease
- Cellulase
- Pectinase

Enzymes for feed
- Neutral protease
- α-Amylase
- Phytase
- Cellulase
- Acid protease
- Xylanase
- β-Mannanase
- β-Glucanase
- α-Galactosidase

Enzyme for medicine industry
- Halohydrin dehalogenase

Pharmaceutical Intermediates and API

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