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In the end of the last century, a strange phenomenon were observed in the yeast extract manufacturing plant in Yichang city - where the headquarter of ANGEL was located, that the skin of all the workers in the plant were much more delicate, soft, smooth and white than other people who did not work in the plant.

Later, researchers from ANGEL found out that

--the rich peptides, amino acids in yeast extract can nourish the skin, anti-aging and whitening;

--the glucanfrom yeast cell wall can improve skin immunity and maintain skin moisture;

--the rich nucleic acids from yeast can promote human metabolism, anti-wrinkles;

--organic minerals in yeast are good for skin health, such as yeast can supply skin organic zinc, to anti-acne.

From that time on, ANGEL was dedicated in the R&D of yeast ingredients that can be used in cosmetics, with the characters of natural, safe and functional.

- Yeast Essence C90
- Yeast Essence E100
- Yeast Essence N80

- Yeast Essence Z20
- Ferment Essence FC01
- Ferment Essence FG01

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Angel Nutritech drew attention in the 17th Children Baby and Maternity Products Industry Expo (CBME China 2017) in Shanghai

As a leading brand of supplements in Chinese market of Children Baby and Maternity, Angel Nutritech, with its children market brand – WitDevelop, joined this event and lunched a series of new products for mummy and baby especially.

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