Angel's Yeast, Selected as Bakery Ingredient for WorldSkills Competition

The fortieth WorldSkills Competition will be held during 14th-19th October 14, 2017 in Abu Dhabi, Angel’s yeast products are selected as bakery ingredients for this competition.

As the  highest-level skills competition, the WorldSkills Competition enjoys a worldwide reputation—Olympics for world skills. This year, China sends 52 people to join 47 events in this competition.

 Angel’s yeast, dough conditioner, release agents, butter, whipping cream, Backaldrin Rye Flour are always as assigned products in China for bakery training activities.This time, the selection of Angel’s products is the affirmation for the quality of Angel’s products, which reflects that Angel’s brand is widely recognized.

The 46th WorldSkills Competition will be held in Shanghai in 2021.

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