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Yeast is an important factor in wine production; Angel Yeast is important supplier of wine yeast, yeast derivates and yeast nutrients in the world, providing natural, safe, and of high quality products and technical solution, helping customers optimized fermentation process, improve wine quality


Wine yeast CECA

(Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Angel yeast CECA has Strong fermentation ability, can improve wine color and aroma extraction, excavate "authentic" typical characteristics of grape varieties, suit for making the aged red wine.PDF

Wine yeast CEC01

(Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Angel yeast CEC01 can short lag phase, favors color and phenolic extraction, enhances aroma expression, improve smoothness of mouthfeel and tannin structure of winePDF

Wine yeast RA-3

(Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Angel Wine Yeast RA-3: Short lag phase; moderate fermentation rate; intense fruit concentration, promote high mouthfeel, favors color and phenolic extraction.PDF

Wine yeast BV818

(Saccharomyces bayanus)

Angel Wine Yeast BV818: Good performance in low temperature; low nitrogen requirements; good SO2 resistence ability; enhance grape aroma expression; excellent flocculation.


Yeast cell wall CW101yeast cell wall CW101 can absorb toxins and pesticide residue, provide survival factors to yeast growth, optimize wine fermentation performance, avoid stuck or sluggish fermentation and restart fermentation.PDF
Inactive yeast FN405Inactive yeast FN405 provides nutrients ( growth and survival factors) for yeast multiplication and growth, help yeast survival at the end of fermentation, avoid sluggish and stuck fermentations, release polysaccharides and increase volume and mouthfeel.PDF
Autolyzed yeast FN301Autolyzed yeast provides nutrients for yeast growth and multiplication, improve wine fementation kinetics, minimize the risk of sluggish or stuck fermentation, release polysaccharides and improve wine mouthfeel and qualityPDF
Yeast Nutrient FN502Yeast Nutrient FN502 richs in free amino acids and provide assimilable nitrogen to yeast multiplication and growth, provide aromatic precursors (amino acids)PDF
Yeast Nutrient FN503Yeast Nutrient FN503 highly richs in free amino acids and small peptides, supply nutrients to stimulate yeast multiplication and growth, improve the viability and the metabolism of yeast during wine fermentationPDF
Glutathione-enriched nutrient FN502GHEnriched with glutathione and free amino acids, provide nutrients and glutathione, provent grape must and wine oxidation, supply nutrients for yeast growth and multiplicationPDF
Glutathione-enriched inactive yeast FN401 GHInactivated yeast enriched with glutathione,can provide nutrients for wine fermentation, inhibit oxidation and aging of wine, release polysaccharides.PDF
yeast mannoproteins MP60yeast mannoproteins can stimulate malolactic fermentation, improve the stability of tartrate, prevent proteins haze, improve mouthfeel and volume of wine.PDF

NutrienFast is a blended complex yeast nutrient with DAP, inactive yeast, thiamine, and calcium pantothenate, developed to prevent stuck or sluggish fermentations. It supplies nitrogen, amino acids, VB1, VB5, sterols and long chain fatty acids to promote yeast metabolism and prevent the production of undesirable compounds.


Wine yeast CVE-7The yeast is a natural strain selected from natural fermentation of grape juice by Angel and China Agricultural University,and can convert part of the sugar into lactic acid. It has good physiological tolerance, outstanding ability to start fermentation, and shows smoothness and stableness during alcohol fermentation.


yeast polysaccharides FP22Rich in polysaccharides, helps yeast to quickly start malolactic fermentation, release polysaccharides to wine and increase volume and mouth-feel, provide nutrients for yeast growthPDF

AROM-Guard is a specific complex product of yeast derivatives with high glutathione, cellulose and vitamins. Glutathione has a high potential antioxidation to preserve aroma and color of white and rose wine. This product provides nutrients to yeast growth, supports yeast in over-clarified juice and increases the fermentability of wine yeast.


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