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Multi-sourced ideal peptide supplements

Peptone is concentrated by peptides, amino acid and vitamin, widely used in fermentation industry and dehydrated culture media. Yeast peptone is food grade, non- allergen, non-GMO, and traceable contrasting with plant-sourced or animal-sourced peptone.




Yeast peptone


- Replacement of animal origin peptone

- Bio-pharmaceutical

- And Dehydrated culture media, Probiotics and Food Culture

◉ Rich in peptides  

◉ Protein content ≥ 80%  

◉ good solubility


◉ Rich in peptides  

◉ Protein content ≥ 70%  

◉ solubility≥ 2%


◉ Rich in peptides  

◉ Protein content ≥ 70%

Plant sourced peptone

Soy peptone FP410

- Probiotics and Food Culture

◉ Non-GMO    

◉ Rich in small peptides and carbohydrates

Animal sourced peptone

Tryptone FP316 

- Bio-pharmaceutical

- And Dehydrated culture

◉ Rich in Protein content    

◉ Cost-effective

Biological peptone P328

- Probiotics fermentation, Bio-pharmaceutical

-Dehydrated culture

◉ Biological peptone    

◉ High clarity in solution

◉ No phosphate sediment

Animal sourced peptone FP326 

◉ Industrial grade peptone  

◉ High protein content

◉ Cost-effective

Animal sourced peptone FP321

- Bio-agriculture


◉ Rich in glycine    

◉ Proline and glutamic acid

◉ Cost-effective

Animal sourced peptone FP330

◉ High cost-effective animal source peptone

◉ Provide basic nutrition

Fish peptone FP351 

◉ High clarity in solution    

◉ Conducive to the purification of fermentation products.

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