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Natural Source of Xian/Umami Taste

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Xian Taste (Umami Taste) 


The sensation of taste includes five established basic tastes: sourness, sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, and umami/Xian. Xian/Umami, the fifth of the five tastes, is a taste evoked by the presence of rich amino acids. Xian is provoked mostly by fermented food, it expressed the savoriness, or meatiness.

Xian(鲜), composed of Chinese character "鱼"[fish] and "羊"[lamb]. However, the concept of Xian/Umami in Chinese history goes back to over 4000 years ago. The earliest Chinese character of Xian “鱻” is composed by 3 fishes. It describes the natural Xian/Umami taste occured naturally in fish which brought a pleasant savory flavor. Then, ancestor Peng found a lamb-based dish is genuinely mouth-watering after cooking together with fish. This dish became a famous ancient Chinese cuisine. The Chinese character Xian has evolved from the combination of three fishes “鱻”[Xian] to the combination of fish and lamb “鮮”[Xian]. Xian taste expresses the pleasant and delicious taste of this ancient Chinese recipe. Xian taste is imparted by numerous natural substances like nucleotides, amino acids, rich peptides, I+G, etc., which rounds off all tastes, balances off-notes while maintaining the flavor intensity of low salt products. 

And the idea of five primary taste senses, and the principle of harmonizing all of them has already been recorded in Mister Lv’s Spring and Autumn Annals and Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor.

Since 2015, a series of Xian/Umami Taste Yeast Extract products have been developed and launched by Angel Yeast Extract. Enriched with amino acids, peptides, nucleotides and other substances featuring strong Xian/Umami taste properties, this kind of products work great to improve flavor, mask off-notes, replace MSG, and reduce salt.

Nowadays, more and more food manufacturers are craving for higher demand for pure and natural Xian/Umami taste Yeast Extract, such as "Low Salt & Additive-free" sauces, vinegar and so on. Thanks to its pleasant taste, enhanced mouth-filling and natural property, Angel Yeast Extract is widely used by food manufacturers and become a mainstream of Xian/Umami taste source products in the market.


Angel Xian/Umami Taste Yeast Extract: FIG606, FIG12LS, FIG22LS, KU012...

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