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Angel is a leading fermentation and fermentation nutrition supplier, providing yeast and yeast products with best service and solutions for the production of beer, wine, fule ethanol and alcohol beverages. All our products are natural, safe, and of high quality, creates value for breweries, wineries, ethanol plant and distilleries through continuous technical innovation and professional service.

Main products



Leading yeast manufacturer in the world, providing high quality of Lager and Ale beer dry yeasts and yeast nutrients for beer factory, brewery, home brew, satisfying the needs of customers to brew various styles of beer.


Angel Yeast is an important supplier of wine yeast, nutrients and functional product for wine fermentation, providing natural, safe with high quality products and technical solution, helping customers to improve fermentation process and wine quality.

Alcoholic Beverages

Angel has developed a series of yeast strains and nutrients to meet different needs of alcoholic beverages, which is widely used for alcohol industry, distilleries and home brewers.

Fuel Ethanol

One of the leading supplier of alcohol yeast and nutrients for fuel ethanol, alcohol industry and distilling industrials, maximizing the efficiency and probability with higher sugar and alcohol concentrations, higher temperature resistance for ethanol fermentation.

Application technology

- High concentration alcohol fermentation technology

- Alcohol SSF synchronous diastatic fermentation technology

- Alcohol fermentation yeast control technology

- Ester increase technology of aroma-yeast in distilled spirit fermentation

- Production failure prevention technology of distilled spirit production in summer

- Wine and fruit wine fermentation technology

- Spirits/alcohol fermentation technology

- Beer fermentation technology


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