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Yeast & Human Life

Yeast is a Globally Recognized Safe Food

Yeast is the best food and the most natural antidote.

--American M.D nutritionist: Henry G.Bieler

Yeast powder can improve the condition of most people in the world caused by nutritional imbalance.

--American nutritionist: Adelle Davis

Yeast is almost the only natural food integrating rich high-quality protein and a complete range of B vitamins in the current nature.

--Japanese famous nutritionist: Akazawa

1 He is an Outstanding Pastry Master

The bread and steamed bread made of yeast are more nutritional healthy and hygienic.

Yeast transforms the carbohydrate decomposed by starch in the flour into carbon dioxide and other chemical elements and makes the dough fluffy under the effect of the gas. Yeast fermentation natural nutritional convenient and fast fundamentally resolves the shortcomings of traditional fermentation method such as sour dough fermentation, low fermentation unhygienic and easy to turn sour. The alcohol produced by breakdown of sugar gives the dough a special flavor and enhances the taste of bread and steamed bread.In the fermentation process yeast can also break down the phytic acid in the flour that inhibits human body to absorb minerals and allow people to easily obtain mineral nutrition as calcium iron zinc etc.

Various Yeast Fermented Food


2 He is an Outstanding Brewing Master

Scientific research has found that the pleasant taste that people can feel mainly comes from three substances: glutamate inosinic acid and guanylic acid.

Kelp is rich in glutamic acid champignon is rich in guanylate and carp is rich in inosinic acid. The combination of the three substances will form the most enjoyable taste.

Taking the natural edible yeast as the raw material YE yeast extract adopts modern bio-technology to decompose the protein nucleic acid etc. in the cell into nutritional flavoring which is rich in a variety of nutrients as glutamic acid inosinic acid and guanylic acid as the international popular new top-grade flavoring. In the developed countries and regions YE has replaced traditional flavoring and been widely applied in food and flavor as an important iconic ingredient with clean label.

3 He is a Talented Gourmet Master

Application instance of yeast brewing:


The reason why yeast can transform sugar into alcohol is that the yeast cell contains some proteins known as enzymes. These enzymes are good biological catalysts which break down the organic matter as glucose and other carbohydrates provide the energy required by their activity reproduction and the metabolite forms alcohol as a result of biochemical reaction.

4 He is a Magical Nutrition Master

Yeast is an ideal nutrition source for human beings and its nutritional characteristics can be summed up as three lows and four highs; that is low fat low sugar and low calorie and high-quality protein high-quality complete B vitamins high-quality minerals and high-quality dietary fiber. Yeast is an ideal health food without cholesterol that conforms to the modern human dietary structure.

In the fermentation process yeast can transform inorganic trace elements into safe organic trace elements with high bioavailability such as yeast selenium yeast zinc yeast chromium etc. The polysaccharide material such as beta-glucan in yeast cell wall is a highly active immune substance and an ideal immunopotentiator. Yeast is also a source for health actives such as nucleic acids, glutathione, peptides etc.

Yeast can also be used as probiotics. Discovered in the 1920s and after nearly a century of research, Saccharomyces Boulardii has been found to have a significant effect on anti-diarrhea caused by various factors. Certain strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae can also maintain the balance of intestinal flora.

All of those nutrition characters make yeast an ideal ingredient which can be widely applied in health foods, dietary supplements and medicines.

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