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Plant-based eating is growing and developing dynamically. Angel Yeast has provided integrated solutions for meat alternatives on taste & nutrition improvement, meaty-notes enhancement, and off-notes masking.

Angeoboost can effectively neutralize the unpleasant off-notes of alternative proteins, bring intensified Xianness/umami taste and balance the overall taste profile.

Angeotide is an ideal meaty flavor precursor which is capable of imparting authentic meaty notes, magnifying flavor intensity, as well as delivering specific flavor notes, such as pork, chicken, beefy, roasted flavor, etc., in meat-free foods.

AngeoPro F80, a natural-origin yeast protein, is an innovative protein source for plant-based foods and contributes to taste enhancement, nutrition-boosting, and off-notes masking. It is animal-free, allergen-free, and free from GMO.

Get inspiration for vegan recipes here.

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