Angel is a global yeast and biotech company that develops natural ingredient solutions for the food & beverage, nutritional, and biotechnology industries. Angel Yeast was founded in 1986. Angel Yeast Co., Ltd was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000. “Developing yeast biotechnology, innovate for a healthy life” is our mission. We study how biotechnology can change our lifestyles for the better and help us live in harmony with nature. - Angelyeast
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Our Research Institute

Angel Yeast

Angel Group adheres to the innovative research in the field of yeast and derivatives, focuses on cultivating and developing emerging biotechnology industries, concentrates advantageous resources, deeply studies and develops yeast functions, and strives to build a yeast research base with high independent R & D and innovation ability, so as to promote the high-quality development of China's yeast industry.

In 2021, the R & D complex was officially put into use. Angel re integrated the technology R & D system and set up nine technology centers, firmly taking a new step towards the global biotechnology industry.

Scientific research team

At present, the company has 640 scientific and technological personnel, including 2. State Council allowance experts, 7 provincial management experts, 12.Doctors and 163 masters.

R & D platform

It has a national enterprise technology center and postdoctoral.Scientific research workstation, national CNAs accredited laboratory.Hubei yeast engineering technology research center yeast.Function: Hubei Key Laboratory and otherhigh-level researchSend the platform.

Technological innovation

The company undertakes and completes national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects.There are 32 projects and 46 awards for scientific and technological progress,Among them, there are 2 National Science and technology awards and provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.Excitation 29 items.

Restructuring and Upgrading of 9 Major Technology Centers

Yeast and Strain Resource Technology Center
  • Development of microbial strain resources

  • Performance improvement of yeast for food processing

  • Study on yeast raw materials and technology

  • Research on green and intelligent manufacturing technology of yeast research on nutrition and health of fermented food

Baking and Health Food Technology Center
  • Research on baking application technology solution and product localization

  • Study on the modernization of Chinese traditional rice flour products

  • Development of new health food raw materials

Protein Nutrition and Seasoning Technology Center
  • Development and application of various protein deep processing technologies

  • Development and application of new fermented flavor substances

  • Study on organic nitrogen source nutrition and application technology of culture

  • Development and application of healthy food seasoning technology

  • Development and application of Chinese food standardization technology

Biological Agricultural Technology Center
  • Functional research and application of agricultural yeast and yeast products

  • Development and application of new yeast resources

  • Development and application of functional microbial resources

  • Comprehensive utilization of new resources in agriculture and agricultural industrialization

Industrial Microbiology and Brewing Technology Center
  • Development and industrialization of industrial microorganisms

  • Brewing technology research and system solution

  • Research and application of biosynthesis Technology

Environmental Protection Technology Center
  • Cleaner production technology development

  • Development of new technologies for pollutant treatment

  • Development of resource recycling technology

Nutrition and Health Technology Center
  • Research and development of yeast and its functional derivatives

  • Research, development and application of fermentation functional raw materials and food

  • Research and development of nutritious and healthy food

  • Research and development of oral care and skin care products

Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology Center
  • Development of microbial engineering strains with high enzyme production

  • Directed evolution and transformation of protease

  • Study on industrialization and application technology of enzyme preparation

  • Study on enzyme catalytic process and development of functional biological products

Industrial Innovation Technology Center
  • Comprehensive utilization of tea, walnut and other plant resources and innovative development of deep processing industry

  • Development of natural microbial resources with beneficial functions of independent intellectual property rights

  • High value purification, refining and product development in the field of Biotechnology

  • Construction of effective process large database and process intelligent control platform

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