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Diary Cow

Affected by the balance of supply and demand of dairy products, changes in feed costs and the international dairy product market, the purchase price of fresh milk continues to be low, while the cost of feeding remains at a relatively high level. At the same time, dairy companies have increasingly stringent requirements on fresh milk Milk quality, reducing the cost of kilograms of milk, and increasing the efficiency of pastures have become a hot topic.

Fubon Dairy cow solutions

Rumen health

Yeavita R is a specific yeast strain selected from the rumen to regulate rumen microbes, reduce rumen diseases, and improve production performance. It can promote the proliferation of cellulolytic bacteria, prevent rumen acidosis, and improve feed conversion efficiency.

Yeavita R

-Promotes micro flora balance

-Prevents acidosis

Yeast Cell Wall

-Binds pathogenic bacteria

-Promotes rumen microbial growth

Nutrition & Poduction

Raising diary cow means raising the rumen. The rumen is a complex anaerobic fermentation system. Stable pH and anaerobic conditions are the decisive factors for its function. GroPro Rumen can promote the proliferation of rumen microorganisms and promote the digestion of rumen feed materials.

GroPro Rumen

-Improves feed digestibility

-Increases milk protein


-Improves reproductive ability

-Enhance immunity

Heat Stress

In summer, heat-stressed cows have low feed intake, poor digestibility, and high risk of acidosis. At the same time, cows’ immunity is reduced, somatic cells are increased, and conception rate is reduced. YeaSel can improve the body’s specific and non-specific immunity and strengthen the body. Disease resistance; by improving the body's antioxidant capacity, reducing oxidative stress, maintaining the structure and function of intestinal cells, and improving the absorption of nutrients.

-Reduces oxidative damage
-Reduces somatic cell count

Mycotoxin Management

BioBon can fully superimposed with the lipoid groups and ketone groups of toxins such as zearalenone and vomitoxin through hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces to form a polysaccharide-toxin complex with a special spiral space structure. Forms a tight combination with a variety of mycotoxins, which makes the adsorption firmer.






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