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For the physical characteristics of less feed intake, imperfect digestive function, poor immunity and weak stress resistance in young animals, which required us to choose better feedstuff in designing the ideal formulation for them. 

Functional nucleic acid and protein for young animals

Nucleotides improve growth and intestine development. 
Functional peptides and flavor nucleotides stimulate the appetite.
β-Glucans stimulate the unspecific immune system. 
Mannans bind pathogens and support the desired gut flora. 


GroPro is a feed ingredient derived from yeast which enhances all the nutritional and health benefits of yeast. It provides young animals digestible proteins and functional nucleic acids to help them get through critical early growth stages. GroPro also provides exogenous nucleic acids for young animals, which saves time and energy for nucleic acids synthesis, and promotes them growth more rapidly. Proteins in GroPro are in the form of free amino acids and peptides, which will be more helpful in protein synthesis and digestion.


Nucleic acids improve growth and intestine development.

Functional peptides and flavor nucleotides improve appetite.

Beta-glucans stimulate the immune system.

Mannans bind pathogens and balance intestinal micro-flora. 


GroPro Swine


Replaces SDPP (Spray Dried Porcine Plasma) in creep feed.

Promotes growth in weaned pigs.

GroPro Poultry


Promotes growth and reduces mortality in broilers.

Improves laying rate and egg quality.

GroPro Aqua


Promotes growth.

Improves palatability.

GroPro Rumen


Improves feed digestiblity.

Increases milk yield.

GroPro Pet


Improves palatability.

Keeps a healthy skin and coat.

GroPro for Poultry
Enhances growth of poultry 
Improves early enteric development and digestion 
Lengthens peak period of lay
GroPro for Aquaculture
Quickens feed intake

Promotes growth and development

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