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Minerals/Vitamins Fortified

Minerals, like vitamins, are essential elements for the human body and cannot be produced or synthesized by themselves, but some vitamins are not abundant in local foods. If consumers choose to supplement mineral elements in inorganic form, there are often a series of problems, such as poor absorption and large side effects. Yeast can solve this problem perfectly. For example, yeast can convert selenium absorption from sodium selenite into selenomethionine and zinc absorption from zinc chloride into protein binding form. Experimental evidence shows that bioavailability and safety are greatly improved.

Angel Selenium Yeast 2K

Selenium is a fundamental trace element which is closely related to human health. Selenium can prevent and inhibit tumor, anti-age and maintain the normal functions of cardiovascular system. Selenium yeast is the best source of organic selenium. The absorption and utilization of organic selenium is much higher than the inorganic selenium, and the toxicity of organic selenium is much lower.


Angel Chromium Yeast 2K

In the process of yeast cultivating, chromium was added into the fermenter, after absorption and transformation of chromium during the growth of yeast, the organic chromium was obtained. It is more efficient and safe while absorbing by human body. Chromium is an essential trace element plays an important role in glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism in human body.


Angel Zinc Yeast 100K

In the process of yeast cultivating, zinc was added into the fermenter, after absorption and transformation, zinc was combined into the intracellular proteins or polysaccharides, and the side effects and gastrointestinal irritation of inorganic zinc on human body was eliminated, making zinc more efficiently and safely absorbed and utilized by human body.


Angel Copper Yeast 50K

Copper yeast is inactive dried yeast where physiologically available copper is added. The product provides nutritional yeast content (high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, dietary fibres) and 50,000-60,000 ug/g copper minimum, a mineral that protects DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage, and acts in normal function of the immune system, maintenance of normal connective tissues, normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal function of the nervous system, maintenance of normal skin and hair pigmentation, and normal iron transport.


Angel Vitamin D Yeast 8K

Vitamin D-enriched yeast, made by S. cerevisiae through special process of fermentation, enrichment and conversion, is a product with high content of vitamin D, the content of Vitamin D is up to 8000IU/g. It not only contains Vitamin D2, but also contains abundant of protein, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients.


Angel B-Vitamins Yeast

Vitamin B yeast is produced using a fermentation process, which produces a primary grown, high protein, pure culture yeast whose growth is under aseptic, aerobic conditions. During fermentation the temperature, pH, and growth are closely regulated. The resulting product, or yeast cream, is held in refrigerated storage to maintain cell viability and the B vitamin levels are enriched with a specified vitamin pack. Prior to drum drying the chilled yeast cream is pasteurized through a high temperature sterilization system to assure that it meets or exceeds established human food grade.

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