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Vitamin D-enriched Yeast As a Natural Vitamin D2 Source for Improving Calcium Absorption

Vitamin D yeast, as a natural vitamin D2 source for improving calcium absorption, is made by S. cerevisiae through special process of fermentation, enrichment and conversion, it is a product with high content of natural vitamin D2(up to 8000 IU/g). It not only contains Vitamin D2, but also contains abundant of protein, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Vitamin D can improve calcium absorption and anti-rickets, so it is called vitamin of anti-rickets. In addition to this, recent study showed that heart disease, tumor, diabetes, high blood pressure, psychosis, etc, were closely related to the vitamin D deficiency. The content of vitamin D in usual foods is low, so vitamin D deficiency is widespread around the world. The general recommended daily intake of vitamin D is 400 IU (10μg).


◉ Natural source of vitamin D2, up to 8000 IU/g, health and safe.

◉ Rich in protein, B vitamins, minerals.

◉ Fermented by special strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, amino acids composition is close to human physiological needs.


◉ Used in all kinds of foods as food ingredients, supplying vitamin D and other nutrients.

◉ Used as raw materials of health food and supplements, to improve calcium absorption.

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