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Selenium-enriched Yeast, a Natural Source of Organic Selenium and Selenomethionine

Selenium is a fundamental trace element which is closely related to human health. Selenium can prevent and inhibit tumor, anti-age and maintain the normal functions of cardiovascular system.

Selenium yeast is the best source of organic selenium. The absorption and utilization of organic selenium is much higher than the inorganic selenium, and the toxicity of organic selenium is much lower.


◉ High organic selenium content: up to 2,000mg/kg;

◉ Analysis results from French CNRS shows that the content of organic selenium is over 99%;

◉ The bioavailability and safety of organic selenium is much higher than inorganic;

◉ Used as selenium enhancer in dairy, rice products, biscuits and beverages etc.;

◉ Best source of selenium in health foods;

◉ Containing all the nutrients of yeast: high quality protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and essential amino acids for food/dietary supplements and functional foods.

Organic selenium in selenium yeast

Inorganic selenium, selenomethionine and selenocysteine in selenium yeast were analyzed in French CNRS labs using HPLC-ICP MS. The research data of different batches showed that there was no inorganic selenium in selenium yeast, and the organic selenium mainly existed in the form of selenomethionine and selenocysteine.

Organic selenium in Angel selenium yeast

Bioavailability of selenium in selenium yeast

Food with different content of sodium selenite or selenium yeast was fed to mouse. The content of selenium in different organs and the bioavailability of selenium were tested after one month, the results showed that the selenium in selenium yeast was significantly higher than that of inorganic selenium.(Pak. J. Nutr., 8(7):1093-1096,2009)

Bioavailability of selenium in Angel selenium yeast


◉ Used as the raw material of selenium-fortified foods;

◉ Used as the raw material of selenium health foods or medicines.

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