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Fuel Ethanol


One of the world’s main fermentation ingredients supplier, angel yeast supply alcohol yeast and yeast nutrients for alcohol/bio-fuels producers, helping ethanol plant raise the level of fermentation technology, creates value through high quality products and professionals service.


Angel Thermal Tolerance Alcohol Active Dry YeastThis product is selected high-quality alcohol yeast, with  characteristics as:
High Thermal Tolerance, high Acid and Alcohol resistance, High osmotic pressure tolerance, Strong reproductive ability.
Angel active dry yeast Turbo YHThis product is made of specifically selected high-quality alcohol yeast strains , is suitable for Sugar cane juice, sugar, molasses and sugar fermentation liquor and alcohol. PDF
Angel Leaven It is suitable for production of wine and alcohol from sucrose, glucose, molasses, as raw materials. It features tolerance with high temperatures, low fermentation residual sugar content, and short fermentation period. PDF

Angel Super Alcohol Active Dry Yeast

(starch base) 

With high-resistant 、fast sugar consumption, Angel Super Alcohol Active Dry Yeast can achieve high concentration alcohol fermentation and reduce the cost of production.PDF

Angel Premium Turbo 


It is suitable for sugar fermentation with excellent fermentation performance. It is a kind of yeast nutrition packaging, specially designed for the production of high fermentation speed and high alcohol content of alcohol. It is suitable for the fermentation with alcohol concentration of 13~20%.PDF
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