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Given the known health risks in predisposing to overweight and obesity, increased risk of NCDs and dental caries. Health authorities and consumers are increasingly aware of sugar intake and seek products that meet their needs.

Yeast extract gives manufacturers a healthy and nutritional option in beverage development. It is a clean label option in line with people’s demand for sustainable, and healthier food choices.

The unique flavor of yeast extract can effectively neutralize the off-notes, such as beany, earthy, bitter, metallic, sour, liquorice notes, providing a well-rounded mouthfeel and making it more pleasant. By adding 0.01-0.03% of yeast extract in end products can bring out high-intensified sweetness, prolonged lingering taste, and enriched nutritional contents. Yeast extract blocks the perception of off-notes, like citric acid, and the lingering effect of sweetener, to reveal the original fruit character of fruit juices.

The combination of yeast extract and sweetener helps reduce sugar intake from 5% to 30% without any compromise on taste.

Moreover, Angeotide KA03 can boost immunity in functional drinks thanks to the rich content of beta-glucan and multiple nutritional contents.

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