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Angel Yeast Extract (YE), derived from edible fresh yeast, is a specialty food ingredient designed for taste innovation. Thanks to the unique taste, natural and nutritional features, and the magic flavor explosion, yeast extract is food and beverage ingredients' best companion.


Basic YE

We offer two kinds of basic yeast extracts: powder (KA series) and paste forms (LA series) to build a wonderful savory taste foundation.

Xianness/Umami YE

More savory using less salt. An ideal choice for food manufacturers to meet the needs of clean label, sodium reduction and MSG replacement. (FIG/KU/LIG series)

Hou-feel/Mouthfulness YE

Hou-feel offers pleasant, stimulating mouthfeel brought by richness, lingering taste, and round taste. (KK series)

Flavor YE

Delivering specific flavor notes: soy sauce notes, chicken notes, beefy notes, and other unique notes for savoury food applications.

AngeoPro - Yeast Protein

An innovative protein source for plant-based foods that contributes to taste enhancement, nutrition-boosting, and off-notes masking.

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INTERVIEW: Chairman, Xiong Tao

Xiong Tao said to the world of food ingredients“China has enormous market potential with strong spending power. We see a positive long-term economic situation for bio-agriculture, bio-fermentation, and synthetic biology at home and overseas.” Read more here.

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