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Fubon Pig Nutrition Solutions

Feed Quality
         GroPro Swine
         -Replaces SDPP in creep feed.
         -Promotes growth in weaned pigs.

         -Reduces mycotoxin risk.

>Production Performance in Sow
         -Improves production performance in sow.

Gut Health in Piglet
        GroPro Swine

        -Repair of intestinal mucosa.

        -Intestinal health promoter.


        -Live yeast for pellet feed.

Meat Quality

         -Improve meat quality.
         -Reduces drip loss in meat.


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Fubon attends the sixth IAIEH Forum

November 8th, Fubon participated in the sixth “International Animal Intestinal Ecology and Health in China Summit Forum” (IAIEH Forum) and gave a presentation on yeast active substance enhancing intestinal health of animals.

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