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At present, the development of the pig industry is faced with many difficulties. How to effectively control diseases, improve production performance, alleviate the shortage of protein resources, strengthen the biosecurity of feed raw materials, ensure the safety of animal food and reduce environmental pollution are the problems that need to be urgently solved at present.

Fubon Swine solutions

Feed Quality

The current shortage of protein raw materials and the safety of raw materials present huge challenges with livestock , GroPro Swine can significantly promotes intestinal development then improve feed digestion and utilization, reducing feed ratio. Compared with SDPP, GroPro Swine can effectively avoid biological safety hazards such as homologous infection and effectively reduce the cost of feed formulations.

GroPro Swine
-Replaces SDPP in creep feed.
-Promotes growth in weaned pigs.

-Reduces mycotoxin risk.

Production Performance in Sow

Under the mother-child integrated nutrition mode, the health level and production performance of sows are more healthy for piglets. YeaSel can efficiently meet the needs of sows, improve reproductive performance such as fertilization rate, antioxidant level, and health level of newborn piglets.

-Improves production performance in sow.

Gut Health in Piglet

Before or after weaning, piglets are prone to weaning stress syndrome, including diarrhea, reduced feed intake, fat loss, and endotoxin shock. GroPro Swine can improve the feed intake of piglets, promote the rapid development of intestinal mucosa, increase the absorption and utilization of nutrients, enhance the adaptability of piglets in the transitional period, and alleviate the decline in feed intake and fat loss caused by weaning stress. YeaVita can regulate the intestinal flora, promote digestion in young animals, and reduce the incidence of diarrhea.

GroPro Swine
-Repair of intestinal mucosa.

-Intestinal health promoter.


-Live yeast for pellet feed.

Meat Quality

Pork quality is affected by multiple factors such as genetics, nutrition, slaughter, and processing. One of the important ways to improve pork quality is to adopt nutritional control methods. YeaSel can effectively improve meat quality and increase the selenium content in muscles.

-Improve meat quality.
-Reduces drip loss in meat.

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