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Beer Yeast

Main beer dry yeast manufacturer in the world, providing high quality of Lager and Ale beer dry yeasts and yeast nutrients for beer factory; craft beer; homebrew, satisfy the needs of customers to brew various styles of beer.

Lager beer yeast BF16 Angel BF16 is an excellent lager yeastforcommercial lager beer. Quick start to fermentation. Suit for high drinkable and neutral flavor lagers. PDF
Ale Beer Yeast CN36 Angel CN36 is an excellentale yeast for most common ale styles. Suit for high concentration of beer). Display slight ester aroma without any unpleased smell. PDF
Ale Beer Yeast CS31 Angel CS31 is an excellent ale yeast for high alcohol ale styles. Vigorous fermentation, high attenuation and medium flocculation. Display abundant ester and fruity aroma without any unpleased smell. PDF

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