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Dairy products

With the upgrading of consumption, consumers are more inclined to consume low-sugar, sugar-free, and low-fat products, and pay more attention to the impact of products on the environment. These consumption trends have brought many challenges to product innovation.

Dairy products cause more greenhouse gas emissions. Besides, the introduction of sugar-substituting raw materials led to the unwanted off-notes in the products, such as bitter taste and astringent herbaceous taste form natural sweeteners. Loss of fat leads to loss of aroma and weak taste. Although plant-based substitute products have a lower impact on the environment than dairy products, they also face relatively prominent problems, such as low protein content, poor flavor, and etc.

Angel Yeast brings innovative comprehensive solutions to customers from the aspects of nutrition, taste, and environmental protection.

AngeoPro is a natural-origin yeast protein that is animal-free and allergen-free. The high protein content of AngeoPro F80 is derived from the eco-friendly fermentation process. AngeoPro F80 is an innovative protein source for Sweet products and contributes to taste enhancement and nutrition-boosting.

Angeotide can enhance cheesy flavor and balance the mouthfeel and overall taste.

Get the recipe inspiration here.

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