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Pet Food Solutions

Today, pets have become essential companions in our lives, accompanying us through every moment of joy and solitude. As their closest companions, we deeply understand the importance of ensuring their health and happiness, with high-quality nutrition serving as the foundation of their well-being.

Angel Yeast's animal nutrition yeast products offer efficient and sustainable solutions for pet nutrition, aiming to enhance the quality and palatability of pet food, improve intestinal health, alleviate stress, and combat aging. With Angel Yeast, you will have healthier and happier pet companions by your side.

Focus on pet food palatability, nutrition and health


The palatability of pet food is a very important indicator, which is related to the sales of pet food, user satisfaction, and even pet health. According to the physiological characteristics of dogs and cats, Angel yeast provides raw materials for various types of pet food to solve the palatability problem.

GroPro PB100 | Yeast extract | Brewer's yeast powder

Intestinal health

Intestinal tract is not only the main place for dogs and cats to digest and absorb nutrients, but also the largest immune organ of the body, which is an important defense line for the body to defend against the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, toxins and other harmful substances. Its health level determines the overall health status of dogs and cats. Angel Yeast offers all natural prebiotics and probiotics for regulating the intestinal health of dogs and cats.

YeaMOS | YeaVita

Improve immunity and reduce inflammation

In many stages, dogs and cats will encounter the problem of insufficient immunity, such as newly weaned dogs and cats in a state of lack of immunity, vulnerable to various viruses. The inadequacy of non-specific immunity during vaccine injection will result in the low titer of vaccine antibody. The body function of dogs and cats in the old age is degraded, and the immunity is the worst period. Angel yeast provides natural yeast glucan for improving immunity in dogs and cats.


Nucleic acid nutrition

In terms of human nutrition, the nutritional value of nucleic acids has long been paid attention to, and milk powder with added nucleotides has been sold in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other markets. In terms of animal nutrition, studies have found that many tissues and cells with vigorous growth and metabolism have limited ability to synthesize nucleotides from scratch. Especially when animals are subjected to immune stress, liver injury, hunger and rapid growth, endogenous nucleotides cannot meet the needs of the body. Exogenous nucleic acids or nucleotides need to be supplemented to help enhance the repair ability of animal tissues. It is helpful for intestinal development, immunity enhancement and production performance.


Anti-oxidative stress, tear stain solution

Oxidative stress is an important factor that causes diseases in dogs and cats. Reducing the occurrence of oxidative stress in dogs and cats is especially important for maintaining health and prolonging life. Angel yeast provides products that target antioxidants in the body and protect the body from free radicals.

Glutathione Yeast Hydrolysate

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