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Nowadays, pets have become our important life companions. We need to ensure their high-quality nutrition and the best health.

Yeast-based products for animal nutrition from FUBON by Angel Yeast provides efficient and sustainable products and solutions for pet nutrition, which aims to improve the quality and palatability of pet food, enhance the intestinal health, relieve stress and resist senescence. With FUBON, you will get healthier and happier pet partners.

Food quality

Pet food flavors have a great influence on the flavor of pet foods. Among them, Maillard reaction is widely used in the development and production of pet food meat flavors in liquid flavors. Pet liquid flavors are mainly based on Maillard reaction. GroPro Pet is rich in amino acids and small peptides, which can promote the enhancement of Maillard reaction flavor substances. At the same time, yeast nucleotide promotes natural flavor enhancement, suppresses bitterness, and enhances the thickness of the mouthfeel.

GroPro Pet

-Improves palatability
-Keeps a healthy skin and coat

Brewer's Yeast

-Special yeast odor

-Improves growth performance


Gut health

The intestinal health of dogs and cats determines the overall health of the body to a certain extent. The intestine is not only an important digestion and absorption organ and an immune organ, but also an important barrier for the body to prevent the invasion of harmful substances such as toxins and bacteria in the intestinal cavity.YeaMOS can increase the value of intestinal probiotics (lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, etc.) and increase the SCFA content of intestinal short-chain fatty acids, decrease the pH of feces.


-Natural and eficient immune enhancer 


Relieve stress, anti-aging

Stress is a series of non-specific systemic reactions immediately after some damaging biological, physical, chemical and special psychological stimuli (stress factors) act on the body in the external and internal environment of animals. YeaSel is help for the antioxidant for animal and relieve stress.


-High eficient organic selenium

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