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Social Responsibility

social responsibility

Commitment to food safety and nutrition

Angel adheres to the principles of ‘natural, nutritious, healthy and delicious’, and develops products in a forward-looking and lead-taking way.

Angel pays close attention to consumer voices and transforms them into its R&D motives and improvement direction, thereby guiding the industry to a higher standard of development on the basis of customer value.

Angel has organized and participated in a number of universal popular science activities, compiled and published nutritional yeast science books, and assisted in CCTV’s production of yeast science popularization films. In addition, Angel has participated in the International Forum on Food Safety and series of activities about Health and National Nutrient Week, promotes the elimination of aluminum hazards in food and continuously disseminates knowledge on nutrition, health and food safety.

food safety and nutrition

Active participation in public welfare

Angel has organized and co-organized major international and domestic industry competitions including the Chinese Fermented Pasta Contest, World Skills Contest, China Bread Technology Competition, Science and Technology Academic Paper Competition of the Chinese Condiment Industry, and other activities.

Angel has established scholarships to support such innovative university activities as university research and development, sponsorship of college student innovation contests, national career college creative bread contests and other innovative college activities.

For many years, Angel has organized such activities as the fermentation pasta industry conference, development of the pastry chefs’ hometown and pasta technology training class, providing vocational skills training for more than 500,000 people.

Angel implemented long-term targeted poverty alleviation measures in Wufeng and Changyang. After the occurrence of such major disasters as the Indonesian tsunami, Wenchuan earthquake and Yushu earthquake, Angel donated money or provided volunteer services as early as possible.

Active participation in public welfare

Improvement of energy efficiency and protection of the ecological environment

Achievement of both government and community satisfaction.

Angel actively fulfills its civic responsibilities, pursuing the ‘double standards’ of ‘national standards and community satisfaction’ in the field of environmental protection. Angel improves its production organization in accordance with the clean production, and vigorously promotes clean production process, the use of clean raw materials, low energy consumption equipment to promote technology progress; it upgrades energy management, including energy data analysis and intelligent energy saving system; it applies energy-saving technology and processing equipment to in-depth develop and extend the environmental protection industry chain and improve the comprehensive utilization of resources; and it promotes the paperless office to reduce energy consumption and develop green plants.

mprovement of energy efficiency and protection of the ecological environment

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Angel Yeast Invests in New Enzyme Project Capable of 5,000 Tons Annual Production Output

Angel Enzyme Preparation (Yichang) Co., Ltd., is well underway with construction on its enzyme manufacturing project, which commenced in September.

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