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Xian/Umami Taste YE


Xian/Umami Taste Yeast Extract


Xian/Umami Taste Yeast Extract, rich in natural nucleotides, provides strong Xian/Umami taste to intensify the overall taste of food applications. It is a perfect clean label ingredient and a natural substitute for MSG. Find more application recipes here.


◉ Provide strong Xian taste and improve overall mouthfeel

◉ Natural nucleotide content: 0-40%

◉ Ideal substitute for MSG.

◉ Beneficial in salt reduction

◉ 100% water soluble.

◉ Salt content: 0-20%

◉ Available in powder and paste forms.

◉ Non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified

◉ GMO-free

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Xianness/umami yeast extract

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Angel Yeast Egypt gains NON-GMO Project certification

Angel Yeast Egypt has successfully passed the audit by National Science Foundation (NSF) team and gained the NON-GMO certificate.

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