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Fubon Poultry Nutrition Solutions

>Antibiotics Reduction
        -Growth promoter

        -Intestinal microbial balance  

>Gut Health
        GroPro Poultry
        -Repair of intestinal mucosa


        -Balances intestinal microbial

>Meat Quality
         -Improves meat quality

>Feed Quality
       -Reduces mycotocin risk

       GroPro Poultry
       -Stable feed quality

>Feed Cost
       GroPro Poultry
        -Cost-effective and functional protein resource

>Egg Quality
        -Organic selenium for egg nutrition

      GroPro Poultry
        -Improves egg laying rate and eggshell hardness 

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Fubon attends the sixth IAIEH Forum

November 8th, Fubon participated in the sixth “International Animal Intestinal Ecology and Health in China Summit Forum” (IAIEH Forum) and gave a presentation on yeast active substance enhancing intestinal health of animals.

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