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Hou-feel/Mouthfulness YE


Hou-feel/Mouthfulness Yeast Extract


Hou-feel/mouthfulness Yeast Extract contains an abundance of natural amino acids and peptides. It enhances the meaty notes, thickness, and overall mouthfeel in foods. Hou-feel/mouthfulness YE is a perfect flavor base for soups, bouillons, instant noodles, soy sauces, ready meals, pet foods, beverage and snacks. In synergy with other tastes, Hou-feel makes the end products richer, thicker with a lingering aftertaste. Find more application recipes here.


◉ Provide intensified Hou-feel/mouthfulness, lingering taste in savory foods

◉ Beneficial in fat/sugar reduction

◉ 100% water soluble.

◉ Salt content: 0-40%

◉ Available in powder and paste forms.

◉ Kosher and Halal certified

◉ GMO-free

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Hou-feel/mouthfulness yeast extract

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Angel Yeast Egypt gains NON-GMO Project certification

Angel Yeast Egypt has successfully passed the audit by National Science Foundation (NSF) team and gained the NON-GMO certificate.

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