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Sport Nutrition/ Weight Management

Protein can also affect the human body's ability to exercise, the amount of protein required by the human body is proportional to the amount of exercise. Athletes consume higher protein quality than ordinary people, mainly because of the following four aspects: First, athletes have a higher proportion of fat-free body weight; Second, strenuous exercise leads to more protein loss in the urine. Third, during the training process, amino acid energy supply from protein accounts for 5-15%. When muscle glycogen consumption increases, protein energy supply will increase. Fourth, exercise causes muscle damage, which requires more protein to repair damaged tissue. For athletes, it is important to supplement enough protein, but when to supplement protein, what kind of protein and its hydrolysate are more important. Intake of protein with high digestibility can promote protein synthesis while intake of protein with low digestibility can reduce proteolytic efficiency. Yeast proteins fall into the latter category.

Angel Nutritional Yeast Powder

Angel Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Yeast is a natural concentrated nutrition library, rich in plenty of nutrients: 40%-50% protein, a variety of B vitamins, 30%-35% dietary fiber and a great number of mineral elements. Using baker's yeast as the raw material, made by patented process, nutritional yeast not only can be eaten directly, but also can be added to biscuits, pizza, desserts and other foods, providing all kinds of essential nutrients. With a fragrance of natural yeast, nutritional yeast can also be added to all kinds of foods to enhance the food flavor.


AngeoPro is an excellent protein source extracted from Baker's yeast (S.Cerevisiae), with a high-quality protein content of more than 70%. With all the essential amino acids for human body (extremely high content of branched chain amino acids) and as a new source of non-animal & non-GMO protein, AngeoPro is a unique supplement and substitute of animal protein and soy protein, and it is a true game-changer for the current protein market which is driven by dairy and vegetable.

Angel Yeast Peptide

Compared with yeast proteins, yeast peptides are easier to digest and absorb, completely soluble in water, provide energy to human bodies quickly, and taste without the flavor of yeast, and avert protein denaturation. Moreover, yeast peptides have a good fluidity: the viscosity of solution is usually not affected by heat treatment and pH value; it will not become gel when heated up, and remains soluble even at high temperature.

Fermented Ginseng

Fermented ginseng exhibits a yellow to brownish-yellow, finely powdered appearance with a distinctive ginseng flavor. Compared to regular ginseng, its bitterness and astringency are alleviated, making it more palatable to consumers. It dissolves in water to form a clear liquid, is heat-resistant, and is suitable for various food applications.

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