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Antioxidant/ Anti-tumor

Free radicals are one of the main causes of human aging. In the presence of oxygen, free radicals can induce the peroxidation of various biochemical components inside and outside the cell, resulting in the cross-linking of unsaturated fatty acids on the cell membrane into lipofuscin, which leads to the damage of cell membrane internal structure and function. The human body has a natural defense system against oxidative damage, of which antioxidant enzymes are an important part. Antioxidant enzymes are mainly divided into three categories: SOD(peroxide dismutase), CAT(catalase) and GPX(glutathione peroxidase).

The activity center of glutathione peroxidase is selenocysteine, and its activity can reflect the selenium level of the body. Angel used yeast as a biological converter to convert inorganic selenium into selenomionine and selenocysteine in yeast cells. Glutathione can also be enriched. For decades, it has helped millions of consumers resist oxidative damage.

Angel Selenium Yeast 2K

Selenium yeast is the best source of organic selenium. The absorption and utilization of organic selenium is much higher than the inorganic selenium, and the toxicity of organic selenium is much lower.

Angel Glutathione Yeast

Glutathione-YE, made by S. cerevisiae through special process of fermentation, enrichment and conversion, is a product with high content of GSH. Glutathione (GSH), the most important and abundant sulfur-containing peptide with low molecular weight, is widespread in the cells of mammal, plant and microorganism. With various physiological functions of anti-free radicals, anti-aging, antioxidant and immunity enhancement, GSH plays an important part in the biochemical defense system in body.

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