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Yeast-based Mycotoxin Binder


BioBon is an effective broad-spectrum product manufactured by optimum selection of yeast as raw material, adoption of advanced purification technology, special enzymolysis, as well as construction and activation of yeast cell wall. It strengthens the advantages of adsorption sites in the yeast cell wall and possesses excellent adsorption effect in the toxins that have weak polarity such as zearalenone(ZEN) and vomitoxin. BioBon contains modified aluminosilicate which release more space between layers and has stronger adsorption capacity for aflatoxin(AFT).


Quadruple protections for animal by detoxification, deintoxication, bio-degradation and immunostimulation.

Selectively adsorbing mycotoxins, except for nutrients.



Improve intestinal environment, prevent cattle and sheep from chewing the cud

Improve feed intake, improve feed utilization rate, reduce the incidence of disease

Improve the milk quality  


Improve the fertilization rate of sows

Increase the number of live born and litter weight

Reduce weaning stress, improve growth appearance and reduce diarrhea rate of piglets


Increase the laying rate and prolong the peak laying period for layer

Improve the laying rate, fertilization rate, hatching rate and healthy young rate of breeder

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(g/t complete feed)
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