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Chromium-enriched Yeast, A Natural Source of Organic Chromium and GTF

Chromium is an essential trace element plays an important role in glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism in human body. In 1957, Schwarz and Mertz discovered the functions of chromium in glucose metabolism and put forward the hypothesis of glucose tolerance factor (GTF). This was gradually confirmed by experiments that Cr3+ is the active component of GTF. After that a large number of studies have shown that Cr3+ in the form of GTF can assist and enhance the role of insulin, affecting the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids, influencing animal growth, reproduction, product quality, anti-stress and anti-disease capacity.

In the process of yeast cultivating, chromium was added into the fermenter, after absorption and transformation of chromium during the growth of yeast, the organic chromium was obtained. It is more efficient and safe while absorbing by human body.


◉ High organic chromium content: up to 2000mg/kg;

◉ Analysis results from French CNRS showed chromium in chromium yeast is organic;

◉ The bioavailability and safety of organic chromium is much higher than inorganic;

◉ Best source of chromium in health foods.

◉ Provide proteins, vitamins and other nutrients.

Hypoglycemic effect of chromium yeast

After one week adaptive feeding of 40 healthy male Balb/c mice, hyperglycemic mice model were made using streptozotocin intraperitoneal injection. After the modeling, the diabetic mice were divided into blank group, high and low dose group of chromium yeast (10 mice per group), and supplement orally in the form of water and chromium yeast (measured in chromium, high and low dose group: 500, 125 μg/kg·bw respectively). The blood sugar was determined after 4 weeks and the results showed that different doses of chromium yeast were able to lower blood sugar effectively.

Hypoglycemic effect of Angel chromium yeast

Blood sugar improvement caused by Angel chromium yeast

After one week adaptive feeding of 30 mice, models were made using high fat diet and were divided into 3 groups (10 mice per group): high cholesterol control group (fed basal diet), chromium yeast group (measured in chromium, 18μg/kg·bw) and evening primrose oil group (2ml/kg .bw). after 40 days of experiment, blood TC、TG、LDL and HDL were determined and the results showed that chromium yeast was able to lower blood lipid effectively.

Blood lipid improvement caused by Angel chromium yeast

Blood lipid improvement caused by Angel chromium yeast


◉ Used as the raw material of chromium-fortified supplements;

◉ Used as the raw material of health foods or functional foods of chromium enhancing

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