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Zinc-enriched Yeast, Also Know As Zinc Yeast Providing Zinc Source From Fermentation

Zinc is an essential element in human body. Zinc not only plays a role of transportation and energy metabolism in life activities, but also is the necessary component of DNA replication, RNA transcription and nucleic acids synthesis. In addition, zinc is widely distributed in the nervous, immune, blood, bones and digestive system, participating in nearly 300 kinds of enzyme synthesis and activation in the body.

In the process of yeast cultivating, zinc was added into the fermenter, after absorption and transformation, zinc was combined into the intracellular proteins or polysaccharides, and the side effects and gastrointestinal irritation of inorganic zinc on human body was eliminated, making zinc more efficiently and safely absorbed and utilized by human body.


◉ High zinc content: up to 100,000 mg/kg;

◉ Best source of zinc in health foods and supplements;

◉ Providing protein, vitamins and other nutrients;

◉ Produced by yeast fermentation process, eco-friendly and healthy.


◉ Used as the raw material of zinc-fortified supplements.

◉ Used as the raw material of health foods and funcatinal foods providing zinc.

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