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Vinasse is a special liquid feed additive rich in protein, vitamins and minerals that  normalizes the digestive process and promotes the growth of farm animals. 

Vinasse is a concentrated liquid feed with high nutritional value produced by yeast  fermentation.

Symbol Description

 Optimize daily rations to  improve nutritional value

 Prevent digestive system diseases

 Normalize rumen digestion process

 Balance (save) protein, sugar and  dry matter content in daily rations

 Stimulate and increase feed intake

 Reduce daily ration costs


 No worse than hay and silage in terms of dry matter content

 Crude protein content higher than corn silage, not inferior to clover silage

 Same crude protein content as forage grains and brewer's grains  

 Starch-free unlike that of the grains  

 Three times the sugar content of forage grains (barley, triticale, wheat) and grains

 Sugar content higher than oil meal and oil cake (sunflflower, rapeseed and soybean)  Vitamins A, D and B higher than in hay and silage. The content of these components is  not inferior to that of grain feed  

 Delicious and being conducive to the increase of feed intake

 Liquid feed with low energy consumption is easy to digest and absorb

 The additive is conducive to the prevention of ruminal acidosis and concomitant acidosis

 It is the nutritional foundation necessary for energy supplementation for newborn calves and dairy cows

 Stimulates salivation (natural buffer)

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