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Brewer's Yeast

High efficient micro-protein for animal


Brewer's Yeast is the byproduct of beer production. It consists of 100% yeast cellsand provides animals with high efficient microprotein and B vitamins, and can improve the feed quality and growth performance.


- Provides high-quality single cell protein with blanced amino acid and is easy for digestion and absorption.

- Improves palatability and enhance flavor.

- Improves growth performance

- Special yeast flavor



Enhance palatability and increase feed intake

Promote growth performance

Growing pig

Promate growth performance and increase final body weight


Promote growth performance


Enhance palatability and increase feed intake

Promote growth performance

Storage and Packaging

Store in a cool and dry place.
25KG paper bag with polyethylene liner.
Shelf life: 24 months from production date when stored in its original packaging.

BreederPigletGrowing pigBroilerLayerAqua speciesDairy cowDosage
(g/t complete feed)

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