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Baking Center
Baking Center

Angel has set up regional headquarters and baking centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Yichang, Shenyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Middle East & Africa regional headquarters in Cairo and international training centers in Manila, Algiers.


Technical Team:

Angel has more than 30 researchers, 100 applications engineers, and has built up consultant team with domestic and overseas experts.

Our Services:

- Research on baking and fermented food and their application technology;

- Provide professional training to domestic market and over 150 countries;

- Undertake all tasks from industrial association, and provide a platform for technical communication and activities.



- National occupational skills training of baking and fermentation pastry

- Technical cooperation with domestic and international institutes; invite well-known bakers to carry out activities: Shi Kunhe and Lin Chengxian from Taiwan, Wang Lanzhu from Beijing and bakers from Backaldrin.

- Training for our users, such as big factory users, bakeries and hotels

- Training for home users


Technical Solutions:

- Provide new recipes and solutions for Bakeries

- Research on Chinese fermented food such as cookies, bun, baozi and youtiao etc.

- Production technology and solutions to bread factories such as Hamburg, pizza, rustic, toast, Instant frozen food etc.

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