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Application of Dough strengthen improver

Why is the dough strengthen improver needed and in what products is the dough strengthen improver required?

Bakery products are made from flour as the main raw material by adding salt, sugar, yeast, milk powder, butter and other auxiliary materials to form a dough with water and by stirring before undergoing shaping, leavening, baking and other processes. The processing and mouthfeel of bakery products represented by various types of bread depends to a large extent on the quality of the flour used. In the process of making flour dough by adding water, the gluten protein in the flour will absorb water and expand to form a three-dimensional network structure with viscoelastic properties through combination. This special structure is the basis for the dough to be processed, and it is also the key for the dough to retain the gas produced by yeast fermentation. During the baking process, this gas-holding structure will expand when being heated and then shaped, and the three-dimensional network will follow the gas when heated. The expansion ability of the three-dimensional network with the expansion of the gas when heated determines the expansion degree of the volume of the baked product, that is, the volume fullness. Many bakery products, especially fermented bread products, require the dough structure to be sufficiently stable and firm. Thus, it is necessary to use flour with higher protein content or to enhance the dough structure through improvers, that is, the dough strengthen improver.

The role of dough strengthen improver

The dough strengthen improver is mainly applied to increasing the amount of gluten protein, enhancing the degree of binding between gluten protein or making protein and other ingredients in dough such as cellulose, fat and other ingredients to form a stable complex. Its main roles played in the production of bread are:

  1. To increase the strength and tolerance of the dough, thereby improving the mechanical processing adaptability of the dough, so that the dough can be processed and produced in an industrialized way.

  2. To improve the fermentation stability of the dough as dense dough structure can better preserve the gas produced by the yeast during fermentation, so that the fermented dough can be more stable during transfer and baking, with better expansion and full volume.

    Structure of the Dough with Flour Gluten Improver

  3. To stabilize product quality, the key raw materials of bread production such as flour will change with the raw materials such as wheat, production batch, storage time and other factors, and we hope that the quality of the end product will be consistent, therefore, the application of flour gluten improver can make up for the unstable product quality caused by the fluctuation of raw material quality, and improve the production qualification rate of finished products.

    To stabilize the flour quality

Angel dough strengthen improver-A800 bread improver

Main functions:

1. Classic All-Purpose Bread Improver Recipes

2. Improve the stability of dough fermentation and reduce the collapse caused by vibration during dough transfer

3. Strengthen the lack of flour gluten

4. Increase the bread baking swell

5. Increase the volume of the bread

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