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Application of moisture-resistant icing sugar

Although sugar is a common ingredient in baking and pastry, sometimes we don't know enough about it.

The sugars applied in baking and pastry mainly include: white granulated sugar, soft white sugar, powdered sugar, icing sugar, moisture-resistant icing sugar, brown sugar, honey, maltose syrup, corn syrup, glucose syrup, xylitol, etc.

Most of the sugars can be easily distinguished and used correctly, but the three types of sugar, powdered sugar, icing sugar, and moisture-resistant icing sugar, are often misused. Now let's learn how to distinguish them and apply them correctly.

1. The difference between powdered sugar, icing sugar, and moisture-resistant icing sugar

Powdered sugar-It is made from low temperature grinding of white granulated sugar, which makes it easily soluble in water. Therefore, powdered sugar is often used as a raw material for making cakes and breads.

Icing sugar-It is a mixture of powdered sugar and cornstarch which prevents the icing sugar from clumping. In addition to serving the same purpose as powdered sugar, icing sugar can also be sprinkled on the surface of bread as a decoration. However, icing sugar will dissolve when exposed to water or in the presence of high humidity.

Moisture-resistant icing sugar-The raw materials for producing moisture-resistant icing sugar are glucose, wheat starch, vegetable oil, vanillin. Moisture-resistant icing sugar will not dissolve in high humidity environments, or even when exposed to water. The secret is that the glucose powder is coated with vegetable fat. Therefore, moisture-resistant icing sugar is an excellent choice for decorating bread and cakes.When the bread is decorated with moisture-resistant icing sugar, this decorative appearance will last at least 48 hours, giving the product a good appearance and taste.

*Dissolution comparison experiment of powdered sugar and moisture-resistant icing sugar

In this picture, the moisture-resistant icing sugar is basically insoluble in water because of the coating technology used. As a surface decoration, it can keep bakery and pastry products white and dry for a long time.

It can be seen that if you want to decorate the surface of bread, cakes and pastries, moisture-resistant icing sugar is your best choice.

2. Angel Yeast has the following specifications of moisture-resistant icing sugar for everyone to choose from, there is always one for you

1). Moisture-resistant icing sugar (10kg*1) is suitable for factory users who use it in large quantities;

2). Moisture-resistant icing sugar (1kg*10/carton) is suitable for bakery shop users and home users.

3. Product advantages

1). After decorating the bread with moisture-resistant icing sugar, this decorative appearance will last at least 48 hours under normal temperature, refrigeration or freezing conditions, giving the product a good appearance and taste.

2).The moisture-resistant icing sugar is free of caking, and the powder is fine and uniform, in the meanwhile it tastes sweet and refreshing with a hint of vanilla.

It is suitable for surface decoration of bread, cakes, desserts, etc.

*Bread and pastry products decorated with moisture-resistant icing sugar

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