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Culture Media
Tailor-made culture media formulation

According to the requirement from food culture, vaccine and ready-to-use medium, Angel develop and promote culture media based rich experience on serving fermentation industry by optimizing raw materials and strictly quality control.





Food processing

Vinegar starter

Liquid fermentation of vinegar

Easy to use, fast acid production rate

High production efficiency

Mushroom medium

Liquid cultivation of mushroom

Accelerated spore germination and mycelial growth

Laboratory use

Bacillus medium

Bacillus fermentation

Balanced nutrition

Beneficial to biomass accumulation

Enhanced sporulation

LB medium

E. coli culture

Standard products, widely used in the cultivation of common

microorganisms in laboratories

TB medium

Protein expression

Suitable for recombinant protein expression

High expression efficiency

Yield improvement


Tryptic soy broth

Vaccine fermentation

Rich in nutrients

Beneficial to industrial fermentation of hard-to-grow microorganisms

Streptococcus medium

Convenient to use

High Streptococcus cfu count

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