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Tea intensive processing product: matcha

Yichang Tea Group is innovative and competent to produce high-end, high-quality matcha which would be applicate in different perspectives of our daily life. Such as: matcha tea beverages, milk tea, baking, candy, sweet, ice-cream and other functional matcha applications.

For whom hasn't heard of what's the definition of matcha, basically matcha powder is a kind of ultra-fine green tea powder, which is a natural and edible ultra-fine steamed green tea powder with excellent colour, flavour and fragrance and refined by a specific process. It is a micro-powder product made by grinding the leaves made from the fresh leaves of the tea tree covered with cultivation after being dried by steam (or hot air).


Concerning nutritional value of tea and matcha specifically, tea is recognised as a healthy drink, tea contains rich nutrients. It is rich in nearly 500 kinds of nutrients and trace elements needed by the human body. When drinking tea, the leaching rate of beneficial substances in the water reaches 33%, and many nutrients are thrown away as tea residue. It was found that the contents of matcha extract, free amino acid and chlorophyll were higher. Compared with ordinary green tea, matcha exhibits unique characteristics of high chlorophyll, high protein, high amino acid, and low caffeine.


The consumption of matcha tea is to eat all the tea leaves and absorb all the chlorophyll, dietary fiber and fat-soluble tea polyphenols that can't be used in tea. At the same time, it also ensures the balanced intake of tea polyphenols, theanine and theanine, the three characteristic substances of tea, giving full play to their synergistic and antagonistic functions, so that the nutrition components of tea can be used more efficiently.


Study on catechins: Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, reduction of heavy metal toxicity, anti-tumor, prevention of kidney diseases.

Study on theanine: Promoting the secretion of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain

Prevent Parkinson's disease and mental illness, improve learning and memory, improve metabolism, and lose weight.

About Yichang Tea Group:

Yichang Tea Group Co., Ltd. (Yicha Group), founded in July 2022, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Angel Group, with a registered capital of 300 million yuan. With capital as the link, Yichang Tea Group integrates local tea industry resources in a market-oriented way and further improves industrial concentration and market competitiveness to build an industry leading enterprise.

Published by George Hu


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