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Walnut Pie

Ingredients                                               %                   kg.g
Sugar Powder                                         60                   450
Salt                                                            40                   300
Whole Egg                                               0.5                  4
Cake Flour                                              10                    75
Bakerdream Double Effect                  100                  750
Baking Powder(aluminum free)     0.5                  4
Total                                                          211                1583

Walnut Stuffing                      
Sugar                                                                 252
Honey                                                                288
Bakerdream Margarine                                  63
Fresh Cream                                                   120
Bakerdream Walnut  Staff  Powder             400
Grated Walnut(baked)                              400
Total                                                                  1523


Pie dough making:

1. Mix the margarine, the sugar powder and the salt, then add the whole egg liquid in separate times to be mixed evenly, finally add the screened cake flour and Bakerdream double effect baking powder, and mix evenly, then refrigerate the mixture for 2 hours for later use; 
2. Make a 6-inch-diameter pie mold of 150g per piece as pie cover ready for later use.

 Walnut stuffing making:
Heat the berry sugar, the honey, the Bakerdream brand margarine and the fresh cream and boil them to 115℃, then add Bakerdream walnut stuff powder and grated walnut (baked) quickly and mix them evenly, finally fill 200g stuffing into the 6-inch-diameter pie mold.
Baking temperature: 180℃/180℃
Baking time: 20-25minutes
After the walnut stuffing is cooled, screen some dampproof sugar powder on the surface.

The sweetness wraps with the crisp and fragrant walnut, with super attraction, worth of being shared with friends and family members.