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Yeast for animal nutrition              

We believe scientific innovation in YEAST will help
   -animals be more healthier.
   -feed be more nutritious.
   -environment be protected. 
   -the world achieve a higher quality of life.

Fubon is an animal nutrition brand of Angel Yeast. Fubon's products are feed additives and feedstuffsmanufactured by yeast, which will enhance immunity, promote growth, and improve animal products' quality.


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1. What kind of yeast product could be used in animal nutrition?
2. What is the difference between the active yeast for feed and for bakery?
3. What’s the difference between Active Feed Yeast and Brewer's Yeast?
4. Definition of Selenium Yeast.
5. Why should the selenium be supplemented?
6. What’s the difference between organic and inorganic selenium?
7. What’s Yeast Cell Wall?
8. What’s the functional ingredients in Yeast Cell Wall?
9. What’s the difference between Autolyzed Yeast and Yeast Extract?
10. What’s the difference between Autolyzed Yeast and Active Yeast?
11. Why chose Fubon products?


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Angel Animal Nutrition holds technical exchange in Peru

23 August, Angel Animal Nutrition holds technical exchange meeting in Peru. The distributor in Peru helps host this meeting. During the meeting, sales representative Samir Yan gives a presentation on brief introduction of Angel, showing the rapid development and strength of Angel Yeast. Technical engineer George Gong from Animal Nutrition Technology Department introduces mechanism and application of GroPro.

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