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Yeast & Sustainable Earth

1 I am Involved in Industrial Fermentation

Industrial Fermentation


· New Bio-energy: Fuel Ethanol

With the current energy shortages around the world the production of fuel ethanol through yeast fermentation has become an inevitable trend. In the alcohol thick mash fermentation the yeast can transform the sugar in cassava cereal crops into fuel ethanol with the thickness of 96%. At present the technology using timber waste paper straw and other cellulose as raw material and utilizing yeast fermentation to produce new energy has achieved great progress; this invention can effectively obtain ethanol from cheaper raw materials and this new energy will gradually replace gasoline fuel due to its unparalleled advantages.

· Biological Medium

As a high-quality organic nitrogen source of culture medium yeast extract YE is a powder paste or liquid product rich in protein amino acids small peptides nucleotide B vitamins trace elements and other nutrients produced by bread yeast beer yeast or wine yeast in the process of autolysis or enzymatic hydrolysis through a separation and concentration or spray-drying process.

At present as an important culture medium source yeast extract is widely applied in the laboratories and factories.

Yeast extract is essential to the production of long-chain dibasic acid. As the important fine chemical intermediate long-chain dibasic acid can synthesize a series of high value added special chemicals as spices special nylon polyamide hot melt adhesive etc. the production of long-chain dibasic acid is completed through the yeast catalysis.

· Chiral Drug Synthesis

The oxidoreductase in the yeast cells is a chiral synthesized catalyst which can catalyze and reduce the substrate with carbonyl and synthesize chiral products with optical activity. According to this principle yeast has been widely used in the catalysis and synthesis of chiral drugs as Tomoxetine/Fluoxetine β-lactam antibiotics L- Carnitin paclitaxel fenfluramine aminoglutethimide etc.

2 I love Animal Nutrition

Yeast has become one of the most extensively used microbiological feeds in the global breeding industry.

The yeast-based biological feed is highly effective in regulating animal gastrointestinalenvironmental balance improving the body immunity promoting feed digestion and absorption improving the production performance of animal improving animal product quality and reducing pollutant discharge.

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3 I embrace the green earth

Petrochemical industry:

Yeast can selectively utilize paraffin in the oil as carbon source so as to reduce the paraffin content in the oil product reduce the solidifying point improve the oil fluidity at low temperatures; as such it has successfully applied in the production of oil with low a solidifying point. Yeast can also be used to decompose pollutants the ocean rivers lakes and bodies of water.

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