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Application of amylases in baking industry

Enzymes are widely used in the food industry because they can effectively improve product quality. Currently, the widely used enzymes in bakery products include: amylases, proteases, lipases and hemicellulases. Among them, the application of starch is the most mature and effective.


In the production of bakery products, the application of amylase is relatively common. According to the source classification, it can be divided into fungal alpha-amylase, maltogenic amylase and bacterial alpha-amylase. The heat-resistant of different amylases varies greatly, generally, Bacterial alpha-amylase> Maltogenic Amylase> Fungal alpha-Amylase.

1.Fungal alpha-Amylase

Due to the low heat-resistant of fungal α-amylase, most of the enzymes have been inactivated when wheat starch is not completely gelatinized during the processing. At this time, only a small amount of starch has gelatinized, and the reaction is easy to control, so there is no need to worry about excessive gelatinization during the baking process, that will prevent the product become sticky and taste bad.


With Fungal alpha-Amylase Without Fungal alpha-Amylase

2. Bacterial alpha-amylase

Bacterial alpha-amylase has good thermal stability, part of its effect can continue to the high-temperature baking processand its anti-aging effect is better than fungal alpha-amylase. After adding, it can make the bread core have a sticky and gelatinous feeling, so the dosage must be strictly controlled.

3.Maltogenic Amylase

Maltogenic amylase can be used to extend the shelf life of baked goods without causing sticky dough and affecting its processing performance. In the baking process, it acts on the starch of the flour to produce small molecular weight dextrins to prevent the aging caused by the interaction between starch and gluten protein, thus having the effect of preservation and anti-aging.


Without Maltogenic Amylase With Maltogenic Amylase

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