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Enzymes for vegetable protein processing

Annzyme® complex enzyme ZF series can be able to hydrolyze the vegetable protein such as soybean and wheat protein efficiently into abundant polypeptides and small peptides, which are with the characteristics of strong biological activity and conducive to absorption. It is widely used in pnytone, soybean peptides and other products which will increase the value-added products, reduce production cost.



    Designed for HVP production, ZF101 is a complex protease helps to effectively hydrolyze soybean protein into HVP with high acid-soluble protein, weak bitterness and good flavor.


    Designed for pnytone, ZF102 is a complex protease helps to efficiently hydrolyze soybean meal into pnytone with the content of amino nitrogen reachs more than 2. 4%.


    Designed for functional soybean peptide, ZF106 is a complex protease helps to efficiently hydrolyze soybean protein into pure taste product with 85% of thepeptide moleculars less than 1000DA.


    Complex enzyme FF104 is a kind of flavour enhancing enzyme which can reduce the bitterness and enhance the flavor during the hydrolysis of protein. It can combined use with our other complex enzyme to eliminate low hydrolysis product of bitter peptide, and to enhance the yield.



Raw materials



Functional soybean peptides

 Soy protein isolates

  ZF106: 0.5~1‰;

FF104: 0.1~0.2‰;

Make the hydrolysates with pure taste and easy to absorption by human

Flavor soybean peptides

Soy protein isolates

ZF101: 1-2%;

FF104: 1-2‰;

Provide soybean peptides with flavor


Soybean or soybean 


ZF102: 1-2%

Make the full use of soybean protein

The dosage is based on dry matter, the optimum dosage should be determined according to the specific experiment.


    Sealed in aluminium foil bag, with a fibre outer drum, net weight 1KG × 20 / drum or 1KG ×10 / drum.


    Transport and store in cool dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight or moisture. Stored below 25℃ in original sealed package, activity of solid enzyme remains stable for a period of up to 18 months.

    After using, please make sure the package is sealed if it has not been completely used.

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