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Legenseng Ferments Ginseng

Ginseng has a long history of being revered for its preventive and therapeutic properties, acknowledged by countless medical experts worldwide, both in traditional Chinese medicine and modern medical research. However, traditional ginsenosides in ginseng exhibit a low absorption rate in the human intestinal tract, necessitating the conversion of common ginsenosides into rare ginsenosides for optimal utilization by the human body.

Angel Yeast employs microorganisms from the original habitat of Changbai Mountain ginseng to biotransform ginsenosides. Through the action of yeast and lactic acid bacteria, the enzymatic activity produced by microorganisms hydrolyzes the sugar chains on ginsenosides, transforming common ginsenosides, which are challenging to absorb, into rare ginsenosides with higher absorption rates.

Fermented ginseng exhibits a yellow to brownish-yellow, finely powdered appearance with a distinctive ginseng flavor. Compared to regular ginseng, its bitterness and astringency are alleviated, making it more palatable to consumers. It dissolves in water to form a clear liquid, is heat-resistant, and is suitable for various food applications.

Transformation of Ginsenosides in Fermented Ginseng:

Compared to non-fermented ginseng, the common ginsenoside content in fermented ginseng decreases by 65.2%, while rare ginsenosides increase by 338.2%.

There is an increase in the variety of rare ginsenosides.

Fatigue Resistance Test on Fermented Ginseng – Mice:

The endurance time of mice treated with various doses of ginseng and fermented ginseng is significantly higher than that of the model control group, indicating enhanced endurance. Fermented ginseng outperforms non-fermented ginseng in terms of effectiveness. When compared to other fatigue-related indicators, ginseng effectively alleviates fatigue in mice, with fermented ginseng showing superior performance in all parameters compared to non-fermented ginseng.

Product Characteristics of Fermented Ginseng:

Appearance: Uniform powder ranging from light yellow to deep yellow

Flavor: Possesses the distinctive flavor of ginseng

Water Solubility: Easily soluble in water

Total Ginsenosides: ≥5%

Main Benefits: Anti-fatigue, Qi and blood replenishment


Applications of Fermented Ginseng:

Used as a food ingredient in snacks, functional foods, beverages, and other products.

1. Coffee: Combining fermented ginseng with coffee focuses on anti-fatigue effects, with potential benefits in reducing blood lipid levels and preventing acute liver damage.

2. Chocolate: Fermented ginseng, with its mild bitterness and anti-fatigue properties, aligns well with chocolate, offering potential benefits in promoting blood circulation and antioxidation.

3. Beverages: With its natural water solubility and milder ginseng flavor after fermentation, fermented ginseng provides versatile applications in beverages.

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