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  • Angel participate in DJAZAGRO and organized Baker Contest

    Angel participate in DJAZAGRO and organized Baker Contest

    From April 10 to 13, the biggest Food Affair in Africa, was held in National Expo of Algeria. Over 700 companies and institutes exhibited themselves and 21000 visitors participated. Angel participated this exhibition together with a local customer and organized Baker Contest, together with local Bakery Associates.

  • New bakery solutions for Uzbekistan

    New bakery solutions for Uzbekistan

    On 29-31 March, 2017, WorldFood Uzbekistan, the largest food exhhibition in Uzbekistan was held. Angel Yeast have been in the Uzbekistan market for several years. Angel has become the most important yeast brand in UZB. This time, Angel brings new food ingredients and solutions for Uzbek Nong and other baking products to attend this expo.

  • [Recipe]: Danube brezel salt croissant

    [Recipe]: Danube brezel salt croissant

    This kind of bread matches the French imported fermented butter and brezel salt from Backaldrin in Austria, which makes the bread taste wonderful.

  • Angel: brand building in Russia

    Angel: brand building in Russia

    On local time March 13th, 2017, Modern Bakery Moscow was held in Экспорцентр exhibition center. Since its first exhibition in 1995, it has been held for 23 times and became the largest professional baking exhibition in Russia and the Commonwealth ofIndependent States. This year, the exhibition attracts lots of attention of over 210 companies from 18 countries and more than 5000 visitors.

  • [Recipe]: Soufflé

    [Recipe]: Soufflé

    Soufflé is originated from France. This kind of special dessert technology mainly uses the way that separates the yolk and albumen. After being baked, the texture is tender and soft. Soufflé with light wine aroma is based on whipping cream which makes the cake taste smooth and have rich milk flavor. The cake produced by frozen method can highlight its unique taste.