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Cosmetics Ingredients

Cosmetics Ingredients

Yeast is the natural raw material of many cosmetics.
-The rich protein in the yeast can nourish the skin;
-the SOD in the yeast plays a role of anti-oxidation;
-the glucan in the yeast can prevent  aging, improve skin immunity and maintain skin moisture;
-the rich various vitamin B in the yeast can promote human metabolism, flatten wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, remove speckles, and soften skin.

Main Products:
Yeast Essence C90
- Yeast Essence E100
- Yeast Essence N80
- Yeast Essence Z20



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Health food of Angel Nutritech drew attention in Vitafoods Asia 2017

Vitafoods Asia, the professional exhibition for health foods in Asia was held in Marina Bay Sands exhibition center, Singapore from 05-06 Sep. 2017. The first show of Angel Nutritech health food and functional raw material attracted much attention from Southeast Asia customers.

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