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Enzymes for food processing


Annzyme® enzymes are widely used in yeast processing industry for the highly efficient hydrolysis and controllable processing to make final product with mellow flavor. It can be used in the production of seasoning yeast extract, microbial fermentation yeast extract and animal nutrition yeast hydrolyzate.


♦  Rapid and controllable enzymolysis on yeast

♦  Great utilization of yeast protein

♦  High content of amino acid and nucleotide with a little bitterness and strong flavor


Product name


Main functions

Nuclease NP1



Efficient hydrolysis of yeast RNA into CMP, UMP, GMP, AMP,  improve the utilization of the nucleic acid


Deaminase D-100



Deaminase DA-50 can specifically convert AMP into IMP, together with GMP, IMP + GMP can give the product a unique flavor.


Papain PA-4



Natural extract from papaya, papain contains a variety of protease components which hydrolyze the protein on multi-site at the same time, it can efficiently hydrolyze yeast protein.


Complex enzyme FF104



Complex enzyme FF104 is a kind of flavourzyme, can be able to release a certain amount of amino acids from the end of the polypeptide chain, reduce the bitterness by changing the structure of the bitter peptides, and enhance the flavors by increasing the amount of small flavor peptides and amino nitrogen.


Glutaminase GLU100



GLU100 can be able to hydrolyze the raw material L-β-glutamine efficiently into glutamic acid and ammonia to increase the glutamic acid content of final product.


Complex enzyme




Designed for yeast, complex enzyme EF101 synergistically hydrolyze the cell wall of mosaic protein in high efficiency, and enhance the yield by accelerating dissolution of the internal dissoluble matters.


Complex enzyme EF103



Mainly contains alkaline protease, EF103 can hydrolyze the protein into polypeptides, small peptides and amino acids with natural taste.


Complex enzyme SF401



Designed for yeast cell wall, SF 401 can effectively hydrolyze the polysaccharide components in yeast cell wall.



*based on dry matters


Sealed in aluminium foil bag, with a fibre outer drum, net weight 1KG ×20 / drum or 1KG ×10 / drum.


Transport and store in cool dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight or moisture. Stored below 25℃in original sealed package, activity of solid enzyme remains stable for a period of up to 12 months.

After using, please make sure the package is sealed if it has not been completely used.